Guarda Deeplink is a great opportunity for merchants to increase their conversion rate. The Deeplink allows your customers to make cryptocurrency payments in one click.

Guarda Deeplink is a small piece of code that makes a big deal - initiates a payment transaction. If you are about to start accepting cryptocurrency payments or donations, just add our Deeplink code for free and place a payment button on your website, so your customers will send you crypto fast and easy.

Here is how it looks like in Guarda Chrome Extension:

A user summons a pop-up transaction window in their Chrome Extension by clicking the button. In the case of Guarda Chrome Extension not being installed, the user will be redirected to to proceed with the payment.

Look how it works using our online example. Fill in the fields with your custom data and click Pay with Guarda.

If you want to learn more about Guarda API, check Guarda github or contact us to help.